Current & Recent Contributors

Recent Contributors

Current librarians and library staff
Crystal Alberthal, Head of Technical Services

Cindy Fester, Editor, Research Publications
Peggy Jarrett, Collection Development Coordinator

Marissa Rydzewski, Public Services Supervisor

Maya Swanes, Public Services Librarian

Mary Whisner, Public Services Librarian

Alena Wolotira, Head of Public Services

Anna Endter, librarian serving as Dean for Students 

Others who have posted since fall 2019:

Julie Brown, Law Library Intern, 2019-20

Jason Campbell, Law Library Intern 2020-21

Connie Chang, Law Library Intern 2020-21  

Josh Freeman, Law Library Intern 2020-21  

Wilson Holzhaeuser, Law Library Intern 2020-21

Kyle, former Public Services Librarian; Law Library Intern 2010-11

Maren, Law Library Intern 2019-20

Taylor Halverson, former staff member  

Olivia KC, Law Library Intern 2021-22

John Miller, Law Library Intern, 2019-20

Alondra Pulido, former student worker

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