Thursday, June 17, 2010

Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts

Congratulations to the editors of the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts, which made its debut yesterday.

It begins its life at volume 6, number 1, because it replaces the Shidler Journal of Law, Commerce + Technology as part of a merger with the Law, Technology & Arts Group (LTA) a new interdisciplinary research unit at the law school. LTA was formed in 2009 to take a comprehensive approach to legal issues involved in artistic and technological innovation. LTA consolidates a J.D. concentration, an LL.M. program, the former Shidler Center for Law, Commerce + Technology, and the Center for Advanced Research in Intellectual Property (CASRIP) into a single research team.

The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts publishes concise legal analysis aimed at practicing attorneys. The Journal will publish on a quarterly basis. Check out the new issue, which has articles on:

* Cloud Computing
* Arbitration Clauses in Wireless Telephone Service Contracts
* Cell Phone Text-Message Spam
* Liability for Posting Hyperlinks in Financial Disclosures
* Modifying Contract Through E-Mail
* Attorney-Client Ethical Issues Raised by Gmail

Do you have something to say about law, technology, and the arts? The Journal accepts outside submissions from students, law professors, and practicing attorneys.

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