computer_keyboards     Current contributors (with their current jobs and their years at Gallagher) are:

Rob Britt, coordinator of East Asian library services, 1987-

Anna Endter, law library intern 2011-12, reference librarian 2013-

Grace Feldman, law library intern 2011-12, reference librarian 2012-
Peggy Jarrett, documents and reference librarian, 1990-

Cheryl Nyberg, coordinator of reference services, 1995-

Mary Whisner, reference librarian, 1988-

Alena Wolotira, law library intern 2010-11, reference librarian & co-editor of the Current Index to Legal Periodicals, 2011-

Posts by current contributors are tagged with * and the contributor's name (e.g., *Cheryl Nyberg) in the Labels section of the sidebar. Click on a link to see posts by that contributor. Past contributors and their posts are listed here.

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