Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enact Locally

Often in our mental checklists of research steps, we think about federal and state statutes, cases, and regs, but we overlook city and county ordinances. And yet this source of law can cover many important areas of life, from the building you live in to whether you pick up after your dog. Sometimes it can even have global reach, as when municipalities declare themselves nuclear-free zones.

For a discussion of local legislation and why legal researchers should keep it in mind, see Enact Locally, 102 Law Libr. J. 497 (2010), by reference librarian Mary Whisner.


Anonymous said...

Any article that has the Boolean search of (canine dog /p waste litter feces dropping fecal) is a must read!

Kathi Bennett said...

That's funny. The last comment not the post.

Will someone look into enacting some laws against all these laws and/or income generating roadblocks to freedom and start becoming right: from the inside out: for gosh sakes?

He without sin should enact the fist law.