Thursday, September 30, 2010

Having Some Beers? Check out this App -- a site that provides information about attorneys -- offers Last Call, an iPhone app that helps people keep track of their alcohol consumption. You plug in your weight and sex, select each drink you have (e.g., light beer, 12 oz.), and as time passes it estimates your blood-alcohol concentration. When your BAC is high, it helps you find a taxi. And, since Avvo is primarily a legal directory, the app will also help you find local DUI lawyers.

The app has a disclaimer that it's for entertainment only. I think that means that when the State Patrol pulls you over you shouldn't pull out your iPhone to challenge the officer's breathalyzer. But it still could be a handy reminder of how much you're imbibing.

Have fun at today's TGIT -- but be safe!

Photo credit: Chaval Brasil

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