Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quick Summaries of Complex Projects

Procrastinating from work on her thesis (about zebrafish embryonic cardiogenesis as a way to assess how a particular gene regulates a group of progenitor cells that exist in normal heart development), a Harvard senior started a Tumblr blog with this quick summary:
"I have killed so many fish."
That was a month ago. Now the blog (lol my thesis) has summaries from hundreds of other young scholars about their work, and the student (Angela Frankel) has been profiled in USA Today.

It's entertaining to browse through the posts. And here's a challenge: how would you summarize your seminar paper, note, comment, or other project? If you feel inspired, put your summary in the Comments to this post.

screen snips from lol my thesis: "Someone studying atoms is really just a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves" -- Neurobiology, Harvard. "Bush's War on Terror angered quite a few people." -- Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Oxford University. "Sometimes Asian people are exoticized in the media, and sometimes they aren't. But mostly, they are." American Studies, Wellesley College. "Botticelli painted a lot of babes, and they all pretty much look the same." Art History, Rutgers University

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