Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Starting to Dread the Approach of Finals? Try CALI Lessons!

CALI, the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction, is an excellent resource for law students to use when getting ready for exams. You may know CALI for its Excellence for the Future Awards but the site also contains interactive lessons on a broad number of law school subjects. Personally, I used the site in law school during the final couple of hours before an exam, when I knew that studying my notes wasn't really going to help but still wanted to feel like I was preparing.

CALI membership is comprised of U.S. law schools and its lessons are created by the faculty at its member institutions, including a number prepared by our very own Professor William Andersen! The lessons are free to CALI member schools' students (that's you, UW Law student!).

In addition to lessons, there are crossword puzzles on family law, torts, and civil procedure. There are even a couple of games, one of which, The Supreme Court Justice Game, requires you to match the names of Supreme Court justices with their famous decisions. I bet you all know what you're doing this Saturday night!

Here's a few of the topics from list that's on their CALI Lessons front page:

1L First Year Lesson Topics:

Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Legal Concepts and Skills
Legal Research
Legal Writing
Property Law

2L-3L Upper Level Lesson Topics

Administrative Law

Business Associations
Climate Change
Commercial Transactions
Criminal Procedure
Employment Discrimination
Environmental Law
Family Law
Intellectual Property
International Law
Labor Law
Negotiable Instruments/Payment Systems
Patent Law
Professional Responsibility
Real Estate Transactions
Tax Law

If you're interested (and how could you not be?!), come to the Reference Office or use our website to ask us electronically for the registration information. All UW law students are eligible for an account. 

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