Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Supreme Court Appointment Process

Shortly after Justice Antonin Scalia's death, speculation began about his replacement. See the Congressional Research Service's Legal Sidebar What Does Scalia's Death Mean for Congress and the Nation?

While politicians and Court watchers are sharing their opinions freely, you can read up on the process itself. A Congressional Research Service report called Supreme Court Appointment Process: Roles of the President, Judiciary Committee, and Senate (Feb. 19, 2010).

For a deeper dive into the subject, see also these additional CRS reports, available on HeinOnline [UW Restricted]:

The Federation of American Scientists' free website also provides copies of these and other CRS reports on nominations to the Supreme Court.

And for even more references to CRS reports, books, nomination hearings, and related information, see the Gallagher guide on Supreme Court Nominations: The Nomination & Confirmation Process.

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