Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Video Lessons from LinkedIn - Lots of Skills! Something for Everyone!

The UW’s Career & Internship Center has subscribed to LinkedIn Learning, a vast collection of training videos. It's available to the whole UW community—students, staff, and faculty.

You select areas of interest (e.g., project management or Excel). If you tie LinkedIn Learning to your LinkedIn profile, it might also pick up interests from there; for instance, the algorithm noted that I had writing on my LinkedIn Profile and so suggested some training videos for me.

photo of woman talking, tip (Ask for one-way interview questions in advance); navigation panel
Screen snip from Video Interview Tips lesson

You can set goals—15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes of training per week.  Of course, if you have the time and you're getting something out of the lessons, you can dig in for longer.

You can create “collections” that you can share. For instance, I created a Writing & Editing collection. (The videos in the collection are just a taste of what's available!)

You set your own learning priorities. Do you think your note-taking and writing would be easier if you had better Word skills? Are you impressed when your classmates make colorful charts in Excel? Would you like to improve your public speaking? There are lessons for all of these.

Predefined “Learning Paths” offer videos on a theme. For example, Finding a Job during Challenging Economic Times has 13 lessons with over 11 hours of content. If you're still a student, you might skip Recovering from a Layoff and move on to How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed.

You can search for a topic, such as time management (ooh! Time Management: Working from Home looks good!). You can also browse general categories and drill down till you find something that grabs you.

Summer might be a good time to build some of those professional skills that you don't necessarily get in formal classes. And LinkedIn Learning is a great tool to help you do it.

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