Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Diverse Voices - Blogs

Blogs are an interesting animal. They can be a hot mess of hot takes, or a valuable source of insightful commentary and well-curated information. Unfortunately, my biggest take away researching legal and library related blogs with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, is that there are not enough people blogging about these issues, especially from diverse perspectives. So, two things - get out there and make your voice heard, and I may have journeyed a little farther afield than the other posts in the Diverse Voices Series.

Above the Law is a must-read source of legal news and commentary. Here is a DEI focused post: Top 5 Biglaw Firm Raises The Bar On Billable Diversity & Inclusion Hours.

Above the Law's blog, The Jabot, focuses on women and the law. {Did you know that “jabot” is the word for the frilly lace collar the late Justice Ginsburg wore with her judicial robe? See this fashion story from Town & Country. (Special thanks to Mary Whisner for suggesting this additional information!)}

Law360 is another major source of legal news. Learn how diversity affects Access to Justice.

"The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth" is the tagline for The Root. Check out The Root's literary blog, It'sLit!

Find news and commentary about the fight for social justice at the Impact Fund. More social justice blogs at

Read about diversity at non-profits in the Nonprofit Law Blog and legal careers at
the Vault's Career Advice Blog: Black Lives Matter and PersuasionPoint: DEI.

For insights into the law and the practice of law in other countries:


China Law Blog


The Korean Law Blog


UK Constitutional Law Association 


Lawctopus (India)




The JurisMex Blog

And for information about legal practice and the law in Asia in general, see the Kinney Recruiting Asia Chronicles (Above the Law).

Finally, here is a law librarian's take on DEI following the death of George Floyd:

Note: Ideas, opines, et cetera, et al, excelsior, and so forth, found in the above resources are not of Gallagher Law Library or staff or the Law School (or UW. You get the idea.)

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