Friday, March 12, 2021

Diverse Voices: Websites

This post in our Diverse Voices blog series highlights selected websites for exploring African American history, literature, and culture. Happy browsing! 

Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald
Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald.


The BlackPast website was created by a UW History Professor Emeritus named Quintard Taylor, whose academic interests include African American, Nationalism, Race and Ethnicity, and Urban History. This website is dedicated to providing the general public with accurate and first-hand accounts of African American history and of African descendants around the world. Spend some time browsing through the African American History or Global African History sections. Each has a wealth of knowledge that can be found in primary documents, institutions, speeches, and perspectives. The Special Features section includes topics on 101 African American Firsts, Black Inventors and Inventions, Historical Black Churches, and more! 

African American History Month

Although February is over, that doesn't mean we can't continue to learn about African American History. This website hosts a wide variety of exhibits and collections, audio and video, and images collected from multiple libraries, archives, and museums. The goal of this website is to pay tribute to generations of Black Americans who struggled with adversity to be recognized as full-fledged Americans. Explore exhibits on African American Educators, Education, and Schools. Find resources on African American Jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Eric Dolphy. Listen to a video or audio recording on African American Poetry and Literature. There are even resources for teachers! 

African American Intellectual History Society 

In 2014 the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS) was started by Christorpher Cameron as a blog. Today, AAIHS is a flourishing scholarly organization that hosts communication regarding writing, researching, and teaching black thought and culture. AAIHS also publishes Black Perspectives, which is a popular blog that focuses on global Black history, culture, and thought. The AAIHS website also provides an in-depth collection of resources which are subdivided by topic. Read up on the Civil Rights-Black Power Era or find your next book club reading under the African American Literature section.

Northwest African American Museum

Looking to do something with the family one evening? Then look no further than Seattle's own Northwest African American Museum. This museum's website includes virtual exhibits and events. Join NAAM every 2nd Sunday of the month on their YouTube channel for interactive storytime. Take some time to look through their Educational section which includes their blog and a Think Like Malcolm section. There are activities and resources for the whole family!

Want to do more than browse through websites? Think about supporting Black-owned businesses by visiting the Support Black Owned website. Use the website's directory to find items on sale by category or by location. Know a Black-owned business and don't see it on the website? Become an SBO member and add a business to the website. 

Image Citation: Gottlieb, William P. Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald, New York, N.Y., ca. Nov. United States, 1946., Monographic. Photograph.

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