Thursday, October 7, 2021

Neat Trick: Search Law Firm Websites for Practice Tips, Legal Updates

You've probably stumbled across law firm newsletters or blogs that have helpful guidance about some area of the law.

Without counting on the lucky stumble, how can you find these gems? If you just use Google or another search engine, you might all sorts of stuff—newspaper articles, personal blogs, etc., in addition to law firm documents. Instead, try the Law Firm Search Engine, which uses a custom Google search to focus on law firm sites.

screen snip - Law Firm Search Engine - tagline: Search law firm websites. Find law firm memos. Free legal research.

This can be really helpful. For example, I entered nonprofit incorporation washington state and found a post from Davis Wright Tremaine from May 2021: David A. Lawson, Washington's New Nonprofit Corporation Act: Is Your Nonprofit Ready?  What? There's a new statute? It goes into effect in less than three months?? Tell me more!

When I searched for covid vaccine mandate, I found a post from Littler, a big employment law firm, from today: Mandatory Employee Vaccines – Coming to A State Near You? (Oct. 7, 2021). If you just used Google (or another search engine), you'd find lots of documents, but you'd probably have to wade through a lot of news and opinion (not to mention a dose of misinformation) before getting to a legal analysis from a law firm.

This handy site was developed by Jeffrey Buckley, a law librarian in New York and graduate of the UW's iSchool. Cool, right?

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