Sunday, November 16, 2008

Find Your Spot

As you go about your job search, one key threshold question is where?

Just because you're in Seattle now doesn't mean that you need to spend your working life here, too. But what city would fit you well? San Jose? Austin? St. Paul? Missoula?

Find Your Spot is a website designed to help people find communities where they might like to settle. You start by taking a quiz that asks you a bunch of questions about your priorities -- do you like hot summers? could you live without golf? do you enjoy going to live theater? do you want your community to have parochial schools? do you like the Northeast better than the South?

After several screens of this, you click a button and the program comes back with 24 cities that match your preferences. And you can then click on any of them to get a four-page description of the city. There are over 500 cities in the database.

Other resources:
State and local bar associations are linked from this ABA page.

Thanks: Jackie Woodside.

Graphic from CIA World Factbook.

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