Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shorter Email Address Available

This summer, UW Technology improved our email addresses. Now you can send email to UW folks with either the old address ( or a new, shorter address ( An announcement explains that this makes addresses easier to use with mobile technology and reinforces the UW name. (The change is part of the UW Reputation Building Initiative and was a joint project of UW Marketing and UW Technology).

To receive mail at the new address, just tell your contacts. To have your outgoing mail show the new address, follow these instructions.

One thing to be aware of is that some systems might not know who you are if you change addresses. For example, the server at the American Association of Law Libraries knew me as whisner @, so when I tried to use a listserv after I changed my outgoing address to whisner @, I was rejected. I was able to fix it, of course -- I just want to point out that your various online identities sometimes need to match up and you can run into glitches.

I wonder how many keystrokes I would have saved by typing instead of for the last 20 years. Best estimate? A gajillion.

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