Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gallagher Law Library in the Spotlight

The Gallagher Law Library has been selected as the Spotlight federal depository library for November by the US Government Printing Office. Gallagher is the first law library to be recognized in this way.

Selected for "its strong support of public access to Federal depository legal and other information resources," the Law Library became a depository for federal government publications in 1969. But its commitment to serving the legal and government information needs of the public has been strong for more than a century.

The federal depository library program provides free government publications and materials to nearly 1,250 libraries around the country, including academic, court, public, and special libraries. In exchange, these libraries guarantee public access to government information to all users.

Many staff members contribute to the Library's successful participation in the depository program. They manage the receipt of publications, creating and maintaining library catalog records, subscribing to commercial products that facilitate use and identification of government publications, printing archival copies of electronic documents, and answering questions about and directing users to government information sources.

We appreciate GPO's recognition of our service.

To learn more about government publications in the Gallagher Law Library, visit our United States Government Publications page.

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