Monday, February 1, 2010

Firefox Plugin for Gallagher Catalog

Suppose you're reading an article and it cites a book you'd like to see. You wonder whether your favorite law library has it.

Of course you could open up another tab and run a search in our catalog. But wouldn't it be slick if you could save a step?

Now you can! Thanks to law student David Rubenstein, you can download a Firefox plugin that will put the Gallagher Law Library catalog as close as Google or Wikipedia.

Once you have the plugin, your search window's pull-down menu will include an option for University of Washington Law Library:

And then, wherever you are on the web, you can run a search in our catalog:

And find out that we do indeed have the work cited:

To get this plugin, just go here.

The sample footnote above is from Chelsea Peters, MySpace or Yours? The Impact of the MySpace-Attorneys General Agreement on Online Businesses, 5 Shidler J. L. Com. & Tech. 10 (2008). Have you taken a look at the Shidler Journal lately?

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