Thursday, April 22, 2010

Washington's Monumental Library Fines

The first president and founding father of our republic, namesake of our great state, university, and law school has racked up a jaw-dropping sum in overdue fees at a private Manhattan library, the New York Daily News recently reported.

There's no talk of placing liens on Mount Vernon just yet, but George Washington's tab for two tomes, checked out from the New York Society Library in 1789 and still missing, now totals a whopping $300,000. Washington would have borrowed the books from the library -- the City's oldest -- at the time when New York was the capital of our fledgling nation.

Library staff discovered the incriminating entries while digitizing old records, according to BBC News. Other famous patrons of the day included Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, whose names appear in the yellowed ledger alongside the president's.

The titles in question? Law of Nations, a dissertation on international relations, and number 12 of a 14-volume set of debate records from the British House of Commons.

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