Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Washington voters have their own judicial decisions to make on August 17. As UW Law Professor William Andersen states in today's Seattle Times:

Let’s face it: Judicial elections are not comfortable for most voters. The principal reason is that the information a voter needs to compare judicial candidates is not as readily available as it is in legislative and executive elections.

One source of information recommended by Professor Andersen is the nonpartisan website VotingforJudges.org. The site does not rate or endorse – but collects candidate ratings from a variety of legal and civic groups, along with newspaper endorsements, finance reports, and media stories.

VotingforJudges.org has some great features. For each race that will be decided in the primary (in 2 weeks), rather than in the November general election, there is a prominent label. If you aren’t sure what positions are contested in your area, click on the “Show My Elections” link – then click your county on the map of Washington. And for some organizations, the candidate questionnaires are available.

The site is well-organized, easy to navigate, and full of nonpartisan information. Check it out, read the FAQ (why do we elect judges in Washington State? why are judicial elections important?), and, of course, don’t forget to vote!

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