Thursday, May 19, 2011

Law and Economics Resource

Law and economics can come up in almost any field—even trial advocacy (see, e.g., Dru Stevenson, Jury Selection and the Coase Theorem (March 4, 2011), available at—so it's a real boon that there is a scholarly encyclopedia available online (free!).

For instance, if you'd like to read more about the Coase Theorem—a lot more—see Steven G. Medema & Richard O. Zerbe, Jr., The Coase Theorem (1999), in Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. The 57-page article about the Coase Theorem is just one of scores of articles. By the way, Dick Zerbe, from the UW's Evans School of Public Affairs is an adjunct professor in the law school.

If you think that it would be worthwhile to know a little more about economics and you need an introduction (or a refresher), consider Grady Klein & Yoram Bauman, The Cartoon Introduction to Economics. (This excerpt has a little about the Coase Theorem on page 182.) Yoram Bauman teaches in the UW's Program on the Environment.

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