Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hogwarts College of Law??

Prof. Howard Wasserman asks how the different courses at Hogwarts (Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, etc.) would map onto the law school curriculum. Hogwarts College of Law, PrawfsBlawg, Sept. 10, 2011.

One commenter ("KM") writes:
The first year curriculum would have to map up with the required classes, I think. I'd say:

criminal law - defense against the dark arts (fighting the powers of darkness, be that criminals or prosecutors, depending on your perspective).

property - transfiguration (tea kettle-> hamster = squatter -> legitimate owner through adverse possession).

civil procedure - potions (keep your complaint boiling on the burner for ten days before adding shredded service of process!).

con law - history of magic (one arcane, focused version of history is much like another).

torts - charms (a sound grasp of charms is an important client-generation tool for the potential tort lawyer).
Are there other parallels?

One difference: if you're a law student with a Husky Card, the librarian won't get mad if you're discovered doing research after closing. Go for it!

Photo from Harry Potter in Oxford - Pt 3, Liz & Rob Do Europe, Nov. 20, 2010

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