Monday, December 10, 2012

Shopping Tips

As soon as you slog your way through finals, many of you will head for home and Christmas or maybe the last couple of nights of Hannukkah. But when have you had a chance to shop, since you've been studying all the time?  I hope you don't survive exam angst only to be overwhelmed by holiday shopping angst.

My shopping tip for you can be summarized in just three words: University Book Store.

The University Book Store has great selections! If you haven't wandered up to the second floor, you might not know that there's a terrific children's book department where you can find just the right book for your niece Natalie or your nephew Norton. If you're lost, ask the very knowledgeable staff up there, and they can suggest something. You might feel buried under your textbooks, but there are lots of general books too—science fiction, art, history, psychology, humor, literary fiction, cookbooks—you name it.

Free gift wrap! You don't have to come up with paper, tape, and ribbon‐and they do it for you!

Shipping! They'll ship books anywhere in the U.S. via book post free! If you're sending something other than books—or if you're sending books but you need to get them there faster—they'll also send via UPS or priority mail, but they'll charge for it. Still, it's great that they handle it and you don't have to trek to the post office.

No sales tax on out of state shipments! If you're shipping something to your brother in Baton Rouge or your sister in Sheboygan, tell the sales clerk and you won't be charged sales tax.

And UW students, faculty, and staff can register for a 10% rebate on everything they buy!

This tip won't help you prepare for your last couple of finals, but it might help you with your last-minute shopping.

This blog doesn't usually make commercial endorsements, but the University Book Store is tied to the university, and these tips are too good not to share.

I am not and never have been an employee of the University Book Store. I am just an enthusiastic customer.

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