Monday, January 7, 2013

Washington Law Help

Looking for legal information or legal assistance in Washington? Washington Law Help offers many resources for civil issues in the state of Washington! For help navigating the site, watch the helpful YouTube Video below:
Washington Law Help is maintained by the Northwest Justice Project; it is designed to provide free legal publications and self-help packets to low income persons and seniors in Washington state.  The resource covers a plethora of common legal issues including family law, housing, consumer debt, protection from abuse, and employment law. The website also features a handy "HIDE" button that will forward the site to Google in case your visit needs to be quickly concealed. Please note that the browsing history will still need to be cleared.

For more information, visit Washington Law Help or the Northwest Justice Project. Be sure to visit the Northwest Justice Project's new YouTube channel; it features helpful videos on foreclosure, fair hearings, sealing juvenile records and more!

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