Sunday, June 23, 2013

Studying for the bar exam? There's an app for that!

Congratulations to all those who just completed law school! With summer now in full swing, the post-commencement celebrations have waned, and recent graduates of UW School of Law are now hurling into the depths of bar exam study.

If you're studying for the bar exam, you've likely chosen a bar exam prep course by now, started outlining, committing the law to memory, and you may even have started to lose your mind completely as you begin to realize how much you feel you need to prepare for such an important, time consuming, and expensive exam.

Have no fear! There are tools for your smartphone, ipad, or tablet available to help you maximize the hours in the day. Since there is no "law" or "bar exam" category for searching for apps, however, it can be hard to track them down (and who has time for that in such acute circumstances?) We're here to help. Below are some apps available to help you tackle the bar exam.

Free Apps: 
  • BARBRI Mobile offers the BARBRI Challenge, a multiple-choice quiz app, as well as BARBRI course materials and other content. BARBRI enrollment is NOT required for BARBRI Challenge, but is required for full access to all other BARBRI materials. You can download both from theiTunes App Store and Google Play. (OS and Android).
  • BarMax MPRE is designed to help students study for the MPRE exam. It provides an outline, audio lectures, real MPRE questions, and MPRE study flashcards. You can also upgrade to BarMax MPRE Pro, which additionally provides a full, 60-question practice exam licensed from the National Conference of Bar Examiners as well as answer explanations, for $17.99. You can download the free version from the iTunes App Store here and the upgraded version here. (iOS).
  • Kaplan MBE Flashcards provides both flashcards and instructional videos for Multistate Exam study. It includes 435 terms, definitions, and concepts covering the areas of torts, constitutional law, evidence, criminal law and procedure, contracts, and real property. It is free for a limited time only, and you can download it from the iTunes App Store. (iOS).
  • Themis Bar Review provides mobile access to substantive lectures for bar exam preparation, as well as hundreds of diagnostic assessment questions. The FREE version provides access to demo content, and the full content is only available to students enrolled in Themis Bar Review courses. You can download it from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. (iOS and Android).
Apps for Sale: 
  • The Bar ExamEdge app by Aspen Publishers provides a comprehensive set of MBE questions for Bar Exam review and practice for six topics: criminal law & procedure, constitutional law, contracts, evidence, property, and torts. You can download the app from the iTunes app store. (iOS). $9.99.
  • The Sum & Substance series by West Publishers provides audio of lectures by noteworthy faculty from US law schools. There are currently five titles on the following subjects: contracts, criminal law, constitutional law, criminal procedure, and real property. You can download the series from the Westlaw Store. (iOS). $49.99 to %9.99 for each title. 
  • MBE Timer provides a timer to help with time-management on your practice MBE exams. You can download it from the iTunes App Store.  (iOS). $19.99.
State Specific Apps: 
  • BarMax Bar Exam Prep Course comes in two versions - New York and California. If you have found yourself in the unlikely scenario of preparing for *both* the NY and CA bar exam, you might want to contact BarMax with an inquiry as to the combined cost - after all, both of them have MBE exam prep.  Both apps come in two platforms as well - iPhone and iPad.  The app is designed for a two-month prep course and is loaded with good stuff. (iOS).  It can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store. (iOS). $999.99 for each version.
  • BarMax MBE. See the BarMax NY and CA apps' description above.  This one has the MBE portion of the BarMax prep course at half the price. (iOS). $499.99

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Jackson Mumey said...

Not quite sure how the author missed it, but the best selling bar exam apps come from Celebration Bar Review. You can find complete course apps for the MBE, CA, NY, FL, TX, GA and NJ exams in Apple and Kindle formats.