Friday, November 22, 2013

Washington Law Review Announces a New Issue

Dean Robert Adler (U. Utah) headlines the latest issue of the Washington Law Review (Vol. 88, No. 3). In his article, The Decline and (Possible) Renewal of Aspiration in the Clean Water Act, Dean Adler explores why the U.S. has failed to accomplish the goals of the Clean Water Act and suggests how a few changes can help the country make progress towards those goals.

Washington practitioners will welcome the thorough treatment of Washington's new trust legislation by Prof. Karen E. Boxx and Katie S. Groblewski.
Prof. Karen E. Boxx

Other authors in this issue include Brianne J. Gorod, Appellate Counsel, Constitutional Accountability Center; Simona Grossi, Associate Professor of Law at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; and David A. Simon, Fellow, Project on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law School.

Robert W. Adler
Karen E. Boxx & Katie S. Groblewski
Brianne J. Gorod
Simona Grossi
David A. Simon
Wayne A. Logan

Jenna C. Smith
William James Goodling
Peter Dolan

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