Friday, February 28, 2014

Diverse Judicial Biographies and Autobiographies

Did Wednesday's panel on Diversity on the Bench get you interested in judges' lives? Consider adding a judicial biography or autobiography to your summer reading list. Here's an assortment:

covers of books mentioned in post

  • Disrobed: An Inside Look at the Life and Work of a Federal Trial Judge
    Frederic Block
    Classified Stacks (KF8775 .B56 2012)
    Publisher page
  • Louis D. Brandeis: A Life
    Melvin I. Urofsky
    Good Reads (KF8745.B67 U749 2009)
    Publisher page
  • Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion
    Seth Stern & Stephen Wermiel
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.B68 S74 2010)
    Publisher's page
  • Henry Friendly, Greatest Judge of His Era David M. Dorsen
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.F75 D67 2012)
    Publisher's page 
  • Henry Frye: North Carolina's First African American Chief Justice Howard E. Covington (2013)
    Online access

    Publisher's page 
  • Thurgood Marshall: Race, Rights, and the Struggle for a More Perfect Union Charles L. Zelden
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.M34 Z45 2013)
    Publisher's page 
  • Equal Justice Under Law: An Autobiography
    Constance Baker Motley
    Classified Stacks (KF373.M64 A34 1998)
    Publisher's page 
  • Sandra Day O'Connor: Justice in the Balance
    Ann Carey McFeatters
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.O25 M34 2005) and online
  • Reflections on Judging
    Richard A. Posner
    Classified Stacks (KF9050 .P55 2013)
    Publisher's page  
  • Duke Slater: Pioneering Black NFL Player and Judge
    Neal Rozendaal (2012)
    Online access

    Publisher's page 
  • American Original: The Life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
    Joan Biskupic
    Good Reads (KF8745.S33 B57 2009)
    Publisher's page  
  • My Beloved World
    Sonia Sotomayor
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.S67 S68 2013)
    Publisher's page  
  • Five Chiefs: A Supreme Court Memoir
    John Paul Stevens
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.S78 S74 2011)
    Publisher's page 
  • My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir
    Clarence Thomas
    Classified Stacks (KF8745.T48 A3 2007)
    Publisher's page
  • Elbert Parr Tuttle Chief Jurist of the Civil Rights Revolution
    Anne Emanuel
    Classified Stacks (KF373.T9 E46 2011) and online
    Publisher's page

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