Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's World Goth Day!

Thanks to John Richards over at KEXP, this morning I learned that today is World Goth Day!  Time to cue up some Siouxsie and the Banshees (fun fact: Cities in the Dust was the first song I purchased from iTunes many moons ago). 

Although we don’t seem to have any goth-related materials in the law library, now’s your chance to hone your catalog searching skills and find out what’s available on the subject in other libraries on campus.  A quick search for “goth” turns up these interesting titles:

Goth : identity, style, and subculture by Paul Hodkinson
by Paul Hodkinson


Goth culture : gender, sexuality and style by Dunja Brill
by Dunja Brill


Goths : a guide to an American subculture by Micah L Issitt
by Micah L Issitt

You could also pick up a gothic novel and spend some time with the undead and possibly a fainting heroine.  Are you confused by this blog post because it has nothing to do with the law library and you don’t know what a gothic novel is?  In that case, consider consulting the Guardian’s handy infographic about how to tell if you’re reading a gothic novel (hat tip to Mary Whisner for spotting this).   

And although it’s an amazing coincidence, three of your friendly reference librarians are wearing black today.  We’ll be back to smiling tomorrow.










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