Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Global Business Jargon

Do you want to talk like a big-time financier? Or at least understand what the M&A folks and hedge fund managers are saying?

The law firm of Latham & Watkins offers a Book of Jargon® series, with titles covering European Capital Markets and Bank Finance, Global Mergers & Acquisitions, Global Restructuring, Hedge Funds, MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships), Project Finance, and US Corporate and Bank Finance.

For instance, The Book of Jargon--Hedge Funds defines "tiger cub":
Tiger Cub:
(1) a Hedge Fund run by an alumnus of Julian Robertson’s famous Tiger Management Corp.; (2) a baby tiger.

Tiger cub, photo by 8 Eyes Photography, posted on Flickr
and used with Creative Commons license
If you're scrabbling around looking for last-minute gifts, these are perfect. You can view them online, download PDFs, or load free apps from iTuns or the Google Play store. The price? Free!

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