Thursday, May 24, 2018

Are you still frustrated with the Bluebook?

Are you still frustrated with the Bluebook? Do you find yourself wondering what all those abbreviations mean and where they go?

GOOD NEWS! LexisNexis has a resource that can help.

LexisNexis Interactive Workstation Homepage

LexisNexis Interactive Citation Workstation provides over 250 citation problems on the fundamentals of BlueBook citations. These questions will help you hone your Bluebook skills. This exercise set covers everything from case names to those perplexing signals. There is even a section on Law Review Citations. 

To access the LexisNexis Interactive Citation Workstation click on the window icon at the top left of the Lexis Advance Home Page.  This will display a box of several of LexisNexis' modules, including the Interactive Citation Workstation.

LexisNexis Interactive Workstation Icon

The Washington Style Sheet also gets a shout-out in the Washington specific exercises. You can get a free copy of the LexisNexis' version of the Style Sheet from the Lexis Nexis Store.

For more tip and tricks see our Bluebook 101 research guide.

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