Thursday, February 15, 2018

Did you forget Valentine's Day?! VaLAWntines, 5 of 5

Did you forget to send someone a valentine? Or maybe you were just so busy that you forgot February 14th was Valentine's Day… It happens. Either way, we have your back. Here are some valentine cards that work well for anyone you may have accidentally forgotten. This post brings us to the conclusion of our VaLAWntine series, but don't forget to save your favorites to use again next year. 

To download any of our law-themed valentine cards, simply click on the valentine, or valentines, of your choice, which will open a full-size version that you can then save and print, text, or email to your friends, family, and loved ones. Even the ones you accidentally forgot. 

If you would like to subscribe to this blog, you can do so via email or RSS by using the links on the right, but don't worry, this is the last of the VaLAWtines, at least for this year!

Vintage valentine of two red hearts, joined together, with an arrow shot through them from the bottom left to the top right. Says "No need to subpoena my heart, it's already yours. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!" in the middle, "To:" in the top left, and "From:" in the bottom right.Vintage valentine of cartoon red stuffed toy kitten, covered in white heart-shaped spots, with a red bow around the neck, holding a gift tag that reads "Sorry for the late filing… Happy Valentine's Day!"

Vintage valentine, with boy sitting on stack of books in the lower left corner and reading one, and a girl facing him holding another stack of books, taking up the right side of the valentine, but mostly the top right corner. There is a red heart in the top left of the valentine, and one on the bottom right. The top heart reads "My affection for you is evident," and the bottom heart reads "even after the fact… Happy Belated Valentine's Day!"

Vintage valentine in the shape of a red heart. Inside the heart is a girl on the telephone. The upper right corner of the heart says "Sorry our attempt to conspire on Valentine's Day fell short!"

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Special thanks to Brandy Ellis, Danielle Lewis, and Stephen Richards in the group effort of drafting these valentines, and for images, thanks to for their large collection of vintage, Valentine's Day images.

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