Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! VaLAWntines, 4 of 5

It's Valentine's Day!

If you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, that's fine. But if you do, this is the fourth of five posts in our VaLAWntine series. If today's valentines aren't quite what you're looking for, we have more! The first set of valentine cards posted on Friday, a second set on Monday (themed to the Multistate Bar Examination topics, and perfect for the poor souls studying hard for an upcoming bar examination), and a third set, themed for Galentine's Day, posted on Tuesday. You may be thinking, Valentine's Day is today, so obviously the valentines are done. Not so! We will have one more post tomorrow, for anyone who may have, shall we say, forgotten?

To download one of the following valentine cards, click on the valentine, or valentines, of your choice, which will open the full-sized version that you can then save to print, text, or email to your friends, family, and loved ones. Feel free to subscribe to this blog via email or RSS by using the links on the right.

Cartoon couple walking and holding hands with "I have loved you ab initio" overhead, and Happy Valentine's Day on the side.

Cartoon couple holding hands, back to viewer, facing a giant heart-shape. Says "I fall in love with you de novo." above, and "Happy Valentine's Day" on the bottom corner.

Cartoon, white-haired, elderly couple, facing each other and touching outstretched hands, heart in the background. Words "Love ad infinitum" above, and "Happy Valentine's Day" on the side.

Cartoon judge facing front, gavel held high overhead. "I promise to never subject you to strict scrutiny." overhead, "Happy Valentine's Day!" below.

Cartoon of a woman standing behind a woman who is holding a rose. The woman in back is embracing the woman in front around the waist. "It would take an ultra vires act to get me to stop loving you." above, and "Happy Valentine's Day" below.Cartoon of two bearded men, standing side by side, embracing. One has his arm across the other's chest. Says "It would take an ultra vires act to get me to stop loving you." above, and "Happy Valentine's Day" to the side.Cartoon of a bearded man embracing a woman, who has one foot popped. The woman is holding a rose and they are kissing. Says "It would take an ultra vires act to get me to stop loving you." on the upper left side, and "Happy Valentine's Day" on the right middle side.

Heart-shaped, vintage valentine with two children baking heart-shaped cookies. Says "Wishing you sweet torts this Valentine's Day!" overhead. Valentine is surrounded by a border of hearts and violets.
Graphic from
Vintage valentine featuring male youth in Scottish kilt and hose, holding a large heart, with flowers at his feet. Says "Why should you be my valentine? Ipse dixit." above, and "Valentine's Greetings" at his feet.
Graphic from
Links to our additional valentines: Friday the 9thMonday the 12thTuesday the 13th, Friday the 15th.

Special thanks to Brandy Ellis, Danielle Lewis, and Stephen Richards in the group effort of drafting these valentines. Graphics are individually credited under or on each valentine.

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