Monday, February 12, 2018

VaLAWntines, 2 of 5

Valentine's Day is Wednesday, and this is the second post of five in our VaLAWntine series, where you can download silly law-themed valentine cards and then print, text, or email them to your friends, family, and loved ones. Just click on the valentine, or valentines, of your choice for the full-size version.

There will be an extra special Galentine's Day post on Tuesday the 13th, and don't forget, you can always subscribe to this blog via email or RSS by using the links on the right. In addition to today's post, we posted the first in the series on Friday, and will be posting three more, Tuesday through Thursday (the day after Valentine's Day).

Couple holding cat.

Men in professional suits, sitting at conference table, one offering pen and paper to another.

Two hands shaking over an image of a signed contract.

Pile of gift boxes wrapped in heart-patterned wrapping paper with fluffy bows, and a heart-shaped heart with a smile on its face.

Woman in glasses embracing a woman with blue hair embracing her back.Man with beard embracing another man.

Large dog holding a cut-out paper heart, wagging its tail.

Male holding female on his back, both smiling.

Bonus points to anybody who picks up on today's subtle theme!

Links to our additional valentines: Friday the 9th, Tuesday the 13th, Wednesday the 14th, Friday the 15th.

Special thanks to Brandy Ellis, Danielle Lewis, and Stephen Richards in the group effort of drafting these valentines. All graphics designed by Freepik.

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