Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Want More Information on Judges?

When voting, we try to educate ourselves as much as possible when electing our representatives in the executive and legislative branches . However, when it comes to the judiciary, we may not know how to look for information.

In Washington State, as in most states, judges are elected. Perhaps you have questions about the process. Or maybe you wonder why we elect judges rather than appointing them. Did you know that there are judges on the ballot this November?

Voting for judges can be tricky. It is sometimes hard to understand what criteria is best to use when evaluating judges.

A helpful on-line resource,, answers all your questions about the judiciary in Washington. This website was started by a nonpartisan coalition of bar associations and other law-related groups to provide important information about judges.

Find out about the judicial elections in your area by clicking on the "Show My Elections" tab. Not only will you find each candidate's resume, but you can see what organizations endorsed certain candidates.

Find out which candidate is best for you. And remember to vote on November 4th.

-- Jennifer Wertkin

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