Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SSRN: Tool for Researchers and Writers

SSRN -- the Social Science Research Network -- can be a powerful tool for researchers and for writers in many fields, including law.

Writers can post abstracts of papers (and the papers, too, if they want), whether in draft or already published. That helps them reach an audience. For papers that they're still developing, it can help them get valuable feedback.

Researchers can search the database of abstracts to find papers. If they register (it's free!), they can download papers (it's free!).

Researchers (or anyone interested in a subject) can also subscribe to subject-based electronic journals that regularly send you new abstracts.

UW Law Faculty with SSRN pages include:
You don't have to be a professor to post your papers. Students who want to increase the audience for their law review and journal notes can post. And you can post if you have a paper that's unpublished that you'd like to make accessible.

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