Thursday, March 5, 2009

CRS Reports by the Thousands

Thousands of reports from the Congressional Research Service are now available at WikiLeaks. The total number is approximately 6,000.

What is the Congressional Research Service (CRS)?

CRS is a division of the Library of Congress that performs high-quality research for committees and members of Congress. Although the research is conducted at taxpayer expense, these valuable reports have not been generally provided to the public for free.

WikiLeaks has joined other organizations in changing that unfortunate situation. The Federation of American Scientists, OpenCRS, the University of North Texas Libraries, and others have been collecting and posting PDF images of selected CRS reports. The Gallagher Law Library guide on CRS reports links to these and other sources.

Hundreds of reports deal with legal issues. A very few timely examples suggest the range of topics addressed:
CRS reports will surface in Google and other search engines. Add "CRS" as a search term for maximum efficiency.

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