Friday, March 27, 2009

Legal Voice

Legal Voice might sound like a new legal organization in the Northwest, but it's a leading public interest group -- the Northwest Women's Law Center -- with a new name.

The name change was announced last night: it's now Legal Voice, with the tag line "Women's rights. Nothing less." Check out the redesigned website!

The name and the graphics are new, but the organization retains its mission and programs:
Legal Voice, founded in 1978 as the Northwest Women's Law Center, has been the vanguard organization bringing groundbreaking litigation and fighting for landmark legislation to ensure justice for women in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years.

As an action-oriented, diverse organization, Legal Voice is committed to securing and protecting the rights of all women. We are a vital force in the community, making substantive, lasting changes through legislation and litigation designed to have a far-reaching public impact, and by empowering women with knowledge about their legal rights.

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Anonymous said...

That site is BEAUTIFUL! Really cool.

What a great organization.