Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fordham Law Class Collects Personal Info About Scalia; He's Not Happy

The students in Prof. Joel Reidenberg's class on privacy used to be assigned to find publicly available information about him. This year, he spiced up the assignment, asking them to find information about Justice Scalia, who has made some remarks that might have questioned the need for privacy protections. Fordham Law Class Collects Personal Info About Scalia; Supreme Ct. Justice Is Steamed | ABA Journal - Law News Now, April 29, 2009.

Scalia says the exercise was not illegal but showed very bad judgment.
"When there are so few privacy protections for secondary use of personal information, that information can be used in many troubling ways," [Prof. Reidenberg] writes in an e-mail to the ABA Journal. "A class assignment that illustrates this point is not one of them. Indeed, the very fact that Justice Scalia found it objectionable and felt compelled to comment underscores the value and legitimacy of the exercise."

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