Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Faculty Publication: Robert Anderson's American Indian Law Casebook

Robert T. Anderson, Bethany Berger, Philp P. Frickey & Sarah Krakoff, American Indian Law: Cases and Commentary (2d ed. West 2010) (American Casebook Series)

This new edition of Prof. Anderson's casebook incorporates important recent cases and a new seaction on the law regulating Indian gaming.

The preface states:

This casebook is designed to provide an introduction to the history and modern principles of federal law relating to Indian tribes in the United States.

Chapters cover:
  1. Introduction: American Indian Law and American Indian Nations and People
  2. Origins of Federal Indian Law
  3. Experiments in Federal Indian Policy
  4. Federal Power in Indian Affairs: Scope, Sources and Limitations
  5. Tribes, Indian Country and Criminal Jurisdiction
  6. Tribal Sovereignty
  7. State-Tribal Struggles over Jurisdiction
  8. Tribal Jurisdiction over Non-Members
  9. Natural Resources, Hunting, Fishing and Gathering Rights
  10. Water Rights
  11. American Indian Religion and Culture
  12. Alaska and Hawai'i
  13. Indigenous Peoples' Rights in International and Comparative Contexts
  14. Epilogue: Perspectives on American Indian Law

The first edition of the casebook was published in 2008.

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