Sunday, May 2, 2010

World Constitutions Illustrated

World Constitutions Illustrated is a legal research platform recently released through HeinOnline. It provides both contemporary and historical documents and resources regarding constitutional law generally. It also allows users to browse and search the constitutional law of more than 190 countries. Some of the information found in this database includes:
  • the current constitution for every country in its original language
  • substantial constitutional histories of the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Columbia
  • more than 800 classic books about constitutional law
  • scholarly articles about constitutional development
  • links to other online resources related to political development
Each country is linked to both primary and secondary sources. This is particularly useful if your research is focused on the foreign law of one country or you are comparing two or more countries. The collection is still growing and HeinOnline plans to add books, periodicals, articles, and commentary. For a complete list of the titles available in this collection since it was originally released, go here.

For more detailed information, check out HeinOnline's blog entry describing this new resource.
-- Kristina Alayan

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