Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Access to the Law of India

Need to find an Indian statute or decision? Check out this new, free website: the Legal Information Institute of India (LII of India). Its "official" launch will take place in India in February or March of 2011, but, as of this November, it is already open for research! Here is an overview of its contents, taken from a descriptive brochure at its website:

The initial contents of the LII of India prototype contains 50 databases including legislation (the India Code from 1836, some State legislation, and commentary on legislation), Indian case law (over 300,000 cases in full text from the Supreme Court, most High Courts, and tribunals), treaties (all India treaties to 1975, plus many subsequent bilateral treaties), law reform reports (from the Law Commission), legal scholarship (six law journals to date, with scholarship repositories, books and judicial scholarship still to be developed), cases concerning India in International Courts and Tribunals, and cases concerning India from the pre-1873 English Reports.


The LawCite international citator is also integrated into LII of India, showing the subsequent citation histories (in India and overseas) of Indian cases, law journal articles and treaties.

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