Monday, April 18, 2011

Lexis ASPIRE Program for Public Interest Work

The Lexis ASPIRE program provides free Lexis access to rising 2Ls and 3Ls who pursue verifiable public interest work. All December 2010 and spring 2011 graduates pursuing public interest work are also eligible. (This includes deferred fall associates and graduates searching for permanent employment who undertake public interest work in the interim.) What Lexis content is available, exactly?

  • federal and state cases, codes, & regulations;

  • law reviews;

  • Shepard's citation service;

  • Matthew Bender treatises

Students and graduates must work directly for a non-profit or charitable organization. For more information and a list of exclusions, log in to Lexis for Law Schools and click on the "Career Help" tab. You may also click here.

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