Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Digital Archives of Washington Law Review

Where do you go when you need a pre-1980 article from the Washington Law Review?

If you are here in the Law Library, you might go to the Compact Stacks on L2, where you will find the bound volumes of the WLR.

If you aren't physically here in the Library, but you are a UW faculty, student, or staff member, you could click on the Off-Campus Access link on any UW library webpage, sign in with your UW Net ID and then cruise to HeinOnline, which has PDF images of virtually all US law school law reviews, including the Washington Law Review.

But what if you aren't in the Law Library and no longer a UW student? Are you out of luck?


Thanks to the digital archives maintained by the Law Library, everyone can now find WLR articles going all the way back to volume 1, 1919.

Visit the "Issues" page of the Washington Law Review website and look for the digital.law icon on the right side of the screen. That's where you'll find the link to the digital archives.

Guess what? The Library also maintains a digital archive for the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal!

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