Monday, July 18, 2011

What's Your Student Loan Experience?

My Debt Story is a project to collect the personal stories of college students and graduates about their debt. It is hosted by EARN (a nonprofit provider of financial services for low-income families), with sponsorship by Default: The Student Loan Documentary, Demos, Equal Justice Works, and Broad Cause.

You can submit a video about your own debt story to the site. If you do it by July 31, your video will be entered in a contest. The prize? $5,000 toward paying off your student loans!

Here's a video about the project:


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holly homan said...

when I enrolled in Grand Canyon University's on-line masters in special ed program, I was told about the Teach Grant. That it would help pay back my student loans. I signed up, signed all the promisory forms, etc. I maintained a high GPA and graduated with a 3.6 GPA. The minimum GPA required for qualification was 3.0. When I didn't hear back from the university after graduation, I called them. They told me I was supposed to have filled out a second form exclusively for the university and now that I had graduated, I wasn't eligible. I still have the information they linked me to. It says nothing of needing to fill out a separate form and doesn't specify I need to use it while still in school. So now I'm out the money I would have gotten for the Teach Grant and the university claims no responsibility for their mistake.