Friday, May 11, 2012

Managing Stress

May is Mental Health Month, a perfect time to revisit some tips on how to effectively manage stress.

Earlier this year, the American Psychological Association (APA) released its latest report* on Stress In America. The report discusses stress by region, and includes survey results on Stress in Seattle

Among the Seattle residents queried: 
  • The top three reasons for stress are work (73%), money (70%), and the economy (66%)
  • 58% manage stress by listening to music
  • 64% exercise a few times a week, up from 53% in 2010

Five Tips to Help Manage Stress (from the APA) and the Coping with Stress Checklist (from Mental Health America) both offer helpful recommendations. 

A great way to manage stress is to read for pleasure! Gallagher Law Library's Good Reads collection and the Gallagher guide, Suggested Reading List for Prospective & Current Law Students are always good places to start.

Exercise (and reading about it) is a stress buster! On my list: McDougall's Born to Run

When you are feeling overwhelmed by life's demands and stressful events, there is help available:

*Read the full report here. American Psychological Association, Stress in America: Our Health at Risk (Jan. 11, 2012), (last visited May 10, 2012).

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