Thursday, May 10, 2012

US vs. EU; Boeing vs. Airbus

Perhaps you've seen headlines about the World Trade Organization and Boeing but not sifted through the details. Now an expert on the WTO summarizes the issues: Simon Lester, The Airbus—Boeing Subsidy Dispute: With Both Parties in Violation, Is There an End in Sight?, ASIL Insights, May 9, 2012. Note the links in the sidebar to the WTO decisions.

My extra-brief summary: The U.S. says the E.U. isn't playing fair because it subsidizes Airbus; the E.U. replies that the U.S. isn't playing fair because it subsidizes Boeing.
cartoon of Boeing and Airbus fighting on the shoulders of US and EU
This case illustrates one way international law can affect even local practitioners: some of the subsidies under dispute are tax breaks from Washington State and the City of Everett.

Graphic by mw.

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Your graphic reminds me of James Thurber--excellent!
-Sarah Griffith