Thursday, July 12, 2012

Congress and the Courts

The "Congress and the Courts" collection is now available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).

This new library includes an impressive array of useful research materials.

East Front of the Capitol at sunset. Credit: Architect of the Capitol
A highlight of this collection includes William H. Manz's Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010, a compilation of congressional documents and materials concerning Article III Courts and the purpose and structure of the federal government. This work may be browsed by volume or part. Parts include: Courts of Appeals; Creation and Growth of the Federal Judiciary; Federal Courts; Judges and Judicial Conduct; Other Courts; Proposed Reforms and Emerging Issues; and the Supreme Court.

Also compiled and organized within this library is an extensive collection of Federal Judicial Center Publications, scholarly articles and periodicals, CFR Title 28 on Judicial Administration, and other related works.

To access this new library, browse to HeinOnline from the Gallagher Law Library web site,  and select "Congress and the Courts" under Subscribed Libraries.

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