Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Print to Gates Hall Printers

You can print from library computers or from your own laptop. 

To print from a library computer:
  1. Click on the printer icon (or click File > Print).
  2. Fill in your name (e.g., "Beyonce" or "Justin Bieber").
  3. Name the print job (e.g., "memo 1" or "Hadley v Baxendale").
  4. Go to one of the Gates Hall printers.
  5. Swipe your Husky card or a Dawg Prints card.
  6. Choose your print job.
  7. Print.
  8. Your card will be charged 12 cents a page.
To print from your own laptop, you follow the same steps, but you first have to have the printer software installed. To get the software,

  1. Go to this list of Dawg Prints locations.
  2. Scroll down to GATES LAW SCHOOL.
  3. Choose the software for your computer (Mac, Windows, etc.).
    (Even though each printer is listed separately, you only have to download the software once.)
  4. Install.
Where are the Gates Hall printers? 
  • There are two printers in the law library, one in each copy alcove on L1. 
Map of Floor L1 showing copy alcoves
  • Law students may also use the printer in the law student computer lab (room 222). A law school Husky card is needed to enter that room.

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