Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Law Firm Blogs as a Current Awareness Tool

A useful, but often overlooked, source for legal research is blogs by law firms, such as Legal Health Information Exchange published by attorneys at Oscislawski LLC, which discusses legal issues relating to electronic health information exchanges.

Many law firms specialized in discrete areas of law and, while their blogs may be designed to serve as marketing tools for their expertise, they are also excellent as a current awareness tool.

To identify a relevant blog, you can always begin by checking the website of a law firm known for a particular area of law in which you are interested.

Another way to monitor blogs on a variety of subjects is to subscribe to another blog, such as Inter-Alia . Maintained by legal technology guru, Tom Mighell, every weekday you'll receive a “blawg of the day” that highlights a useful legal blog that you might want to monitor.

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