Friday, February 22, 2013

Gallagher's Fun Friday Tip: PILA Auction 2013

Have you wondered what it'd be like to have dinner with the Dean? Have you fantasized about parking in the Dean's spot when you were running late during finals week? If so, PILA (The Public Interest Law Association) is a genie and you should be rubbing its bottle by attending the PILA Auction tonight. (Hopefully, you already bought tickets since registration closed Feb. 19, 2013. If you missed the deadline, make sure you get in on this next year!!)

The auction is a fancy shmancy event and chock full of cool stuff to bid on! A tour of the Gates Foundation and lunch with Bill Gates, Sr. is up for grabs!

While the event will be great fun, it also serves a meritorious cause.  PILA funds grants for UW law students doing unpaid public interest legal work through the auction. *Applause!!*   The much anticipated event provides the legal community an opportunity to show their support by attending the auction, donating cash/items for auction and bidding on items for auction.  I plan to show my support by bidding on one item in the particular, the gourmet dinner for six donated by UW Law Associate Dean for Library & Technology Services Penny Hazelton and former UW Law Reference Librarian Nancy McMurrer.  Dean Hazelton, if you're reading this, don't be afraid to make it rain lobster and caviar. 

If the role of starving law student has left you a bit cash poor but you feel compelled to contribute to PILA, you can donate your LexisNexis Rewards Points to PILA!  Hope to see you all tonight! 

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