Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More dangerous brassieres?

You may remember a post last month about some bra bandits injuring a Victoria's Secret employee during their lingerie heist. Sadly, the claims of injury associated with bras do not end there!

Thomson Reuters blogger, Ronald V. Baker wrote a post about a recently dismissed product liability lawsuit claiming that Vanity Fair Vassarette bras caused breast cancer. The plaintiff claimed the Vassarette bra's underwire design lacked the necessary flexibility, leading her to develop breast cancer. She said the connection between the bra’s underwire design and her cancer is evidenced by the fact that her surgical scar mirrors the shape of the underwire.

U.S. District Judge Sharon J. Coleman of the Northern District of Illinois granted Vanity Fair's motion to dismiss stating a "lack of any factual basis for a connection between the alleged conduct and her injury [cancer], without some basis for that correlation".

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

If this controversy has you holding your bras over a fire, you may want to hold off on burning them. explains that "Underwire bras do not cause breast cancer" and attributes the increased incidence of cancer among bra-wearing women in comparison to bra-less women to a difference in their weight.

For more information on products liability, here are a few titles on products liability in the Reference Area: Understanding Products Liability Law, Principles of Products Liability and Products Liability in a Nutshell.

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