Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Research Kobe's legal drama with his mama and get a cookie!

If your plans for celebrating your mom this year include only a tardy Mother's Day card, you're still doing better than Kobe Bryant.   While many have asked mom to cease and desist from showing old baby pictures, few have had to ask mom to cease and desist from auctioning off high school mementos.  (Not that your old mock trial trophies and high school wrestling singlet would fetch much cash out on the open market).

Happy Mother's please cease and desist!

Kobe's mother, Pamela Bryant and Goldin Auctions, LLC (a New Jersey auction house) are planning to auction off more than 100 mementos from Kobe's high school basketball career and early NBA career next month.  After Kobe's attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to Goldin Auctions, the auction house filed a lawsuit against the NBA superstar in New Jersey on May 2.  Kobe responded by filing a lawsuit of his own against the auction house in California on May 6!  Based on the dockets of both lawsuits, it's pretty clear that Mother's Day brunch is going to be WAY awkward this weekend for the Bryant family.

Did you know that UW law students have access to dockets and can view filings on Bloomberg Law*? Once you log in, click on the "Litigation & Dockets" tab and select "Search Dockets." Using the information above, search for either lawsuit and delve into the mama drama.  Familiarizing yourself with docket searches may come in handy during your summer associate/clerkship/internship/externship work since Bloomberg Law "encourages you to use your account during summer employment and for six months after graduation."  

The first three UW Law Students to visit the Reference Office tomorrow (Thursday, May 9) with the docket number from either the New Jersey case (filed by Goldin Auctions, LLC) or the California case (filed by Kobe Bryant) will be rewarded with some homemade cookies!  Even if you're not one of the first three, stop by the Reference Office if you're new to exploring dockets on Bloomberg Law (there may be some extra cookies, but no guarantees!).  You can always send a cookie to your mom (if she hasn't auctioned off your old macaroni art) for a little Mother's Day treat! 

*Access to Bloomberg Law is limited to University of Washington School of Law students, faculty, staff, and librarians.
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